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Mobile sewing machine repair is a convenient way for you to get your sewing machine repaired without having to bring the sewing machine in to a repair shop. Sewing Machine Repair Mobile in Columbus, OH comes to you. We have a full service mobile vehicle!

There are many different reasons why a mobile sewing machine repair service is a good idea. When we come to you, your sewing machine never leaves your sight. It is not shipped off to a third party repair shop or lost in a back room. You save gas, time, and money by staying home and letting us do the driving.

For example, an antique sewing machine hobbyist, who restores old sewing machines, will not want to bring his or her machine in to a shop. As repair technicians, we know how challenging it can be to get an old piece to run, and broken sewing machine parts are not easy to fix or replace. We know that once you start working on your machine, it is not convenient to bring it in to a repair shop.

We have 30 years of experience in broken sewing machine repair. We repair many older brands found among antiques such as Davis, Howe, IZEK, American, Singer, Kimball and Morton, Elite, and Brother, just to mention a few. Let us take a look at your antique piece!

Today’s manufacturers offer warranties, and modern electronic and computerized sewing machines are too complicated to take apart. Keeping them at home and calling a mobile sewing machine repair company is a smart idea. We are experienced technicians, and we are trained to repair all the features and functions of the modern sewing machine.

Schedule a maintenance or repair service with the number one trusted mobile sewing machine repair shop.

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