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Sewing Machine Repair Mobile in Columbus, OH offers mobile sewing machine maintenance service. We are a trusted, family owned repair and maintenance company that brings the convenience of sewing machine maintenance to you.

Whether sewing machines are antique, electrical, or computerized, they all have the same basic structure and parts, and these parts all require sewing machine maintenance. Here is the basic design of a sewing machine to give you familiarity with its anatomy and demonstrate location of parts from the user’s perspective:

• Front View—Sitting face forward in front of the sewing machine, you can see the following: foot pedal, spool holder, bobbin winder, tension disks, stitch adjustor, take-up lever, presser foot, throat plate & feed dog, and the pressure adjustment.

• End View—Looking at the opposite end to the end with the needle, you see the hand wheel, motor, and belt.

• Back View—On the back side of the sewing machine are located the light, presser foot lever, and thread cutter.

• Needle End View—Looking at the end with the needle you can see the slide plate, bobbin case, and bobbin.

Sewing Machine Maintenance is not for everyone. Removing dust, lint, and debris from needles and straight pins is tedious. All moving parts, such as the bobbin winder, must be oiled. Cleaning the feed dogs and feed channels to keep them moving freely along with keeping the tension system, lint free, is a lot of work.

Many sewing machine owners find it easier and more convenient to schedule sewing machine maintenance with our trained technicians. To maintain sewing machine functionality, we recommend routine service.

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