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Each time you sit down to sew, you expect the sewing machine to turn on, offer quality stitching, operate easily, and function properly in every feature. You want everything to work easily, from threading the needle to winding the bobbin, changing the presser foot, and adjusting the tension arm. You do not expect to need sewing machine repair!

However, when something is wrong with the sewing machine, whom do you call? Us! We are Sewing Machine Repair Mobile in Columbus, OH, and we are your local, family owned, and most reliable mobile sewing machine repair service. We are ready to bring our sewing machine repair services to you!

Every sewing machine operator encounters minor problems. Here is a short list of tips that should fix minor sewing machine glitches. However, for persistent or major problems, be sure to call our professional technicians for immediate sewing machine repair:

• Machine Not Sewing—When the thread becomes a loopy, knotted mess, it stops the machine. This happens because of an upper threading problem.

• Skipping stitches—When the sewing machine starts skipping stitches, it usually means the needle is worn or bent or the tension is too tight.

• Knotting or Breaking Thread—Sometimes this is a problem with the thread or the bobbin, not the sewing machine.

• Needle Breaking—If the needle is breaking, it might be too thin.

Our trained technicians will come to the rescue. We do all sewing machine repair in your home. We repair all makes and models including Kenmore, Singer, Bernina and more.

Call Sewing Machine Repair Mobile in Columbus, OH for all your sewing machine repair needs.

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